IWA Specialist Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control

4 – 9 September, 2016 ECS, Gdańsk, Poland


I am very happy and delighted that the Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control conference is coming back to Europe in September 2016; since 2010 in Venice we have been in Australia and then in Asia for two very successful events and we are now going to have a first time in Poland. North and East of Europe were, together with the East side of the planet, our main targets for these years in the overall IWA SG mission, and therefore we are completely on track in following our strategies for improving the knowledge and the adoption of our water pollution control methods and tools at worldwide level. Poland has currently a need to turn on a light over these eco – technologies for gathering a right perception at national level of their potentialities and hopefully a quick higher acceptance. The Specialist Group International Conference in Gdańsk will offer a great chance to put in evidence what has been done in the sector wherever in the world, all the great technological improvements, the impressive amount of studies and researches, the most innovative discoveries in terms of applications, performances, design adaptations, materials and components. We are looking forward to meeting participants from around the world, and I am sure that Europe and in particular Eastern Europe will be as usual very well represented; this event will be a good opportunity to increase and to consolidate the relationship between IWA members from this part of Europe and to put in action the IWA mission and ambition to change the future of water also in Poland. I wish all the best to Prof. Hanna Obarska-Pempkowiak and to Prof. Magdalena Gajewska for the surely exceptional event they are going to organise. See you all soon in Gdańsk!


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